Ziza 2017 build season is underway

The CNC router is up and running to help out with some much needed love for lighting Ziza’s upper platform after our lanterns bit the dust last year.

Lantern layout ready for cutting


Lantern model



Ziza at Burning Man 2016: Da Vinci’s Workshop

Daytime on playa
Burn Night

Build Day

CNC Routering for Ziza 2016

We have acquired a CNC router! With our own router this year, we’ll be able to explore even more avenues for a patchwork of art and paneling that will be used to cover the front end of Ziza.


LEDs for Ziza in 2016

The majority of our Ziza budget this year is going to plywood and CNC routing to make a more artful covering of the base truck’s cab. Individually addressable LEDs would be cool, but we have a bunch of regular RGB LEDs from previous years. And what fun would it be to not solder all the things?!

With the help of some trusty shift registers, an Arduino, and the Shift PWM library, we can get some sequencing out of these LEDs that had previously only been able to fade on and off. Here’s the condensed prototype of what we plan to wrap around the entire perimeter of Ziza’s upper deck:


We can’t do justice to a tutorial, but you can check this awesome guide that someone else made: http://www.instructables.com/id/RainBoard-RGB-LED-Rainbow-Fader

Ziza at Burning Man 2015: Carnival of Mirrors

Ziza the Roving Tea Truck at Burning Man 2015: Carnival of Mirrors


Ziza the Roving Tea Truck at Burning Man 2015: Carnival of Mirrors



Ziza’s First Burn at Burning Man 2014: Caravansary

Ziza The Roving Tea Truck

Ziza is the mutant vehicle of Raised By Wolves. Built off an F-450 with complete costume metal work through out, she is fucking hardcore. For Burning Man 2014: Caravansary she was rocking the middle eastern, desert dweller vibe. This year we are changing her look to something more immersive and permanent. Want a taste of what she will turn into? Check out our design board on Pinterest. Largely influenced by the artistic style of resident wolf, Tigre Bailando, Ziza will be redone to include both natural and repurposed materials. This juxtaposition of man made elements and natural found objects represents us as the feral children of wolves. Ziza will be a roving den creating an almost nest like feel. The entirety of her will be wrapped in sticks, branches, old fence posts, stones, bedposts, skulls, crates, and more. Through our experience at Burning Man 2014 we’ve also realized that we need to add some structural things. The new iteration will have ledges for our spotters to stand on, an additional lower back step for those with disability, a third tier of shade and we are going 100% soft white light no more blaring rainbow LEDS.


Ziza The Roving Tea Truck
Can you spot Ziza at the Embrace burn?


Starting in January of 2015, Ziza has a residency at The Generator in Reno, NV. The Generator is a community maker space famous for such installations as The Pier and Embrace. We’re honored to become apart of such a fantastic project and to rebuild Ziza in this magical space. Plus she gets to be indoors! No more Portland rain for us!! 


Ziza The Roving Tea Truck
A snippet of our new direction for Ziza and what is inspiring us.

Keep checking back to see what Ziza is up to and watch her develop! Good things are coming and we are really excited. We will definitely be having several fundraisers in the Reno area in the next few months if you’d like to see Ziza and the art in person!

Ziza The Roving Tea Truck
Ziza riding off to deep playa.